The Last Stretch


May 16th, 2020

After 2 years of intensive studies and closing on almost 6 months of full-time work, our Wind Digger demo project is entering its last week before submission! So here we are with 8 days left and an infinite number of small things to adjust. 


We're currently sprinting through the level, adding lighting and decorations in all scenes, fixing bugs and coming down on our definitive control scheme for keyboard players. Lighting is a long process, but we believe it adds a crucial layer to the game environment and spend many hours tweaking and polishing it!












We also have a new main menu 3D background and are working on some UI pixel art elements for the menus and buttons, so they blend better with the rest of the UI. The character sprite has also been reworked to be closer to the illustrations (blue outfit).

We still have some issues to fix regarding enemy behaviour and tutorial presentation, and are rearranging two problematic areas of scene 2 to improve overall game flow. Cutscenes were added as well for the same purpose, making it much clearer to players where they need to go after flipping a critical switch in the level. The golden path was a bit unclear, but we believe this has been fixed.



So the last week has started, the final sprint of a 2-years-long marathon to learn indie game design and production. We are proud of the result so far and we will be happy to share the final build with you in the coming weeks. Thank you for your support and see you on the other side of the finish line!


- Dream Grenade Games 

Evolution of area 2-1, from initial design to final polish

Work in progress on lighting