On Our Merry Way to the Gold Deadline


May 9th, 2020

So time keeps flying and our Gold deadline for school is closing in! We received positive and/or constructive feedback following our beta release and already adressed most of the issues that were discovered or highlighted. If you wish, there's still time to try the latest beta build and share your feedback with us! Just follow the link below and download the build from our page. There's also a link to a quick survey on the page.

Wind Digger Beta download page

As for us, those weeks are dedicated to polish and bug-fixing. We fine-tuned our design for the Windreading instruments (the main UI element in the game), and Jordan did a great job creating a tool that fits with the world and feels like something a Digger would carry at all times:


We also activated a somewhat "dormant" feature, in the works since the beginning of the project in November, but never really used until now: the Inventory. The Scrap pieces gathered by the player are stored there and each has a pop-up lore line that appears while the mouse is over it. The full game would include 6 tabs, including World Map, Journal and so on.

Art and music are also progressing well, getting some polish on textures and less critical assets. We'd like to add decals to mark the passing of time on our structures, but for the moment we're hitting a wall and may have to find some alternate solution. Still, it's all aesthetics and, ultimately, secondary to the player's enjoyment. We're focusing on more critical updates as the clock is ticking fast for the last 2 weeks.



A short review of our progress this week, on our first gold sprint:

  • Textures added or polished on pipes, debris, ledges and doors;

  • New texture done for outside rocks;
  • Inventory system was finalized and implemented

  • 2D Sprites and lore content for all Scrap pieces were created and implemented

  • All tutorials were reviewed and rephrased; some typos corrected;

  • Alternate versions of main gameplay music track were created for different environments

  • Boss sequence music track was created and implemented

  • Lots of small details (i.e. missing colliders) were fixed following player feedback 

  • New Windreading UI and functionnalities created and implemented

  • Health and Damage system revised

  • Damage on falling has been integrated

  • New design done for main menu's 3D background; building in progress

  • GDD is up to date, TDD and ADD will follow

  • Other stuff here and there

Windreading UI, showing Wind strength, type and direction, Magnetic Boots activation and Health flashing lights

Inventory panel and pop-up window

Scene 2, polish in progress

Sketches for the main menu background; we're leaning toward the first one. Continuity between the 2 sketches is involuntary, as their view angle is very different.