Beta released!


May 2nd, 2020

We are so very happy to announce the release of our beta version for the Wind Digger demo level! After some initial playtests and feedback, we are now ready to share it with you and gather some valuable feedback!

If you wish to test our game, click on the first link to visit our page and download the latest build. The second link will download the PDF Readme file with some technical information, known issues and narrative overview.

Wind Digger Beta download page

WD Beta Demo Readme

Please feel free to leave your comments on the download page, or even your playthrough videos if you want! We really appreciate the ones you already shared with us and the current version of the build integrates some of your suggestions already. Thank you and may you always move the Wind!

​​Here's a short review of our progress on the last stage of beta development. The next 3 weeks will be entirely dedicated to polish and bug-crushing, until our final gold deadline on May 24th.

  • All critical 3D models and textures are in

    • Added: Pipes, crumbling walls, wooden doors and missing textures

  • All critical 2D sprites are in

    • Added: Crabworm Patriarch, Clay pots, damaged Windrose banners

  • Cutscene content is programmed, written, edited and implemented, for all cutscenes including the ending 

  • Further polish has been done on narrative events and scene content

  • Splash screens and ending credits are in; scene transitions are smoother

  • Sounds have been further integrated, and music tracks are all in. We still have some audio placeholders but the overall experience is greatly enhanced

  • Difficulty has been toned down, especially in the final boss sequence; it's still hard

  • Bugs have been ironed out all over the place

  • A rough trailer was created and edited as a first draft before gold;

  • Many other things I forget!

Opening scene and dialogue UI

First-draft trailer for Wind Digger