Beta on the horizon


April 21st, 2020

Welcome to the 4th devlog covering the development process of our demo level. We've been busy keeping the project on track despite the worldwide situation and the beta deadline is approaching fast!

By Sunday (April 26th), we should have a content-complete demo, ready for some playtesting. It will include 3 different scenes with complete art assets, narrative events, sounds, music, etc! Every aspect of the game will be brought to a presentable level, but we still have a last month for polish after that.

We've covered a lot in the last weeks: building the beta version of our 3 scenes and tweaking their content endlessly; writing and reviewing narrative content for the whole demo, from start to finish; creating tons of particle effects to enhance gameplay and player feedback; researching and producing 3D and 2D art assets; writing storyboards for cutscenes and creating systems to implement those cutscenes; going through thousands of sound files to create our audio landscape, then implement it; and many other small things I forget!

So we're focused on meeting the beta deadline and there's little room for anything else right now! We won't lie, it has been hard keeping our spirits up, but we'll carry this project up to its conclusion, out of respect for it, for us and for you.​​​


​​Here's a short overview of our progress since the last devlog. This week will be crucial for us and we hope to accomplish a lot before next Sunday! We hope this short read was interesting! May you always move with the winds.

  • All 3 Scenes are built and brought out of Alpha stage into Beta

  • Almost all 3D assets are in, half of them with textures

  • All Narrative events are written and playtested for all Scenes

  • Code has been optimized in many different ways, from events management to enemy behavior and player input responsiveness

  • We started producing 2D assets for the Windrose, an important faction in the game 

    • Research was done on Ancient Egypt imagery and Medieval tapestries to find their visual identity

    • We finally settled on Egyptian-inspired patterns and started production

  • Menus and scene transitions are in, and we created our first complete build of the level. Still clunky, but we're getting there!

  • Hundreds of free-to-use sounds have been curated and dozens are implemented, with some more in progress as I'm writing this.

  • Particles effect for most action, reactions and environmental effects are in.

  • Reached 300 followers on Twitter... We don't know what's happening! Thank you people!

Research on the Windrose banners; we chose the third one.