Keeping Our Balance


April 1st, 2020

So here we are for our 3rd devlog, or should we say our first post-emergency-state devlog? Things have been rough for everyone around the world, and we do hope our small artistic contribution can bring something during theses crazy times.

Last month was made of adaptation, but we are now en route for the beta version of our Wind Digger demo level. Jordan has been a rock and built the whole Scene 2 despite the situation, based on Jean-Luc's design, while the latter implemented and polished narrative events inside Scene 1. At the same time, Eli's been producing 3D assets regularly and Annie created gameplay and menu music.













So amidst all this and in-between news reports, we are ready to move to our next step. While Jordan is back on Scene 1 to switch alpha content for beta assets and overall polish the whole thing, Jean-Luc attacks Scene 2's narrative content, in addition to restarting the usual production work: devlogs, work sprints, etc. Art production is following it's regular pace and we should be able to hit our beta deadline of April 23rd.


​​Here's a short overview of our progress since last devlog. To be honest, a LOT of other tasks were done lately and it would just be insanely long to list them all. Also each of these points could be detailed in dozens of sub-points and we may write more detailed progress reports once we're back on a regular schedule.

  • Scene 2 is entirely built, and playtested a bit

  • All Scene 1 narrative events are written, playtested and polished

  • Dialogue UI has been greatly enhanced in multiple ways:

    • reading is more dynamic

    • tutorial panels with lore quotes can be integrated easily inside any conversation

    • Flow Narrative events (timed, floating text "bubbles") behave much more dynamically and don't overlap each other

    • Positioning and visual composition of panels and sprites have been enhanced

    • Etc. 

  • Dynamic camera cutscenes are in! Using them now for a quick overview when the player enters a new area or to follow-up on an important event. Future challenge would be to integrate dynamic cutscenes between conversation lines.

  • Lots of 3D art assets are modeled, textures are following

  • Reached 260 followers on Twitter... thank you people!

Assets are slowly populating our level