Enter the Wind


March 4th, 2020

Well now, here it is: our first devlog!
(or dev blog... after some research, it appears it doesn't really matter)


So let's do things in order and introduce the team! Dream Grenade Games is, at its core, a duo of indie game dev students trying their hands at the "real thing". In our thirties, we have very diverse professional backgrounds, from social work and writing to plumbing and music, board game design, sales & distribution, etc. We're proud of our varied knowledge and we use it in every aspect of our work!


Jordan Funk
Programmer / Game Designer / Assembly Master

Jean-Luc St-Pierre

Game Designer / Narrative & World Designer / Producer

We're joined on the Wind Digger project by the excellent 3d modeling artist

Eli Galvez, with some occasional work from the also excellent 2d illustrator Frank Castel. We're already in awe of their work, and it has really just begun! Last but not least, composer Annie Huylenbroeck is also joining us and will create original music for our demo level.

Let's close this first devlog with a short list of what we have so far:

  • Almost 150 pages of design documentation covering all aspects of our game demo

  • 20 Mechanics, 10 of them present in the demo and already implemented

  • 21 gameplay Ingredients (crumbling platforms, boulders, doors and switches, etc), all programmed and implemented

  • Basic iteration of 3D assets done for 1 of 4 different environments in our level (Outside, Caves, and Ruins from 2 different time periods) 

  • 2 enemy types and 1 boss

  • Detailed level design and narrative content covering about 1/3 of the demo level

  • All systems (Health, Wind Energy, Dialogues, etc.) are implemented and ready to be used for building the level. Lot of tweaking and polish to do, but everything works!

  • A website, a Facebook page and a Twitter feed with 136 followers

  • Many other things I'm forgetting.

In our game, you can punch sand ostriches in the face.