Shaping Up the World


March 9th, 2020

Welcome to our second devlog for the demo level of the game Wind Digger!

This last week was important for us: with all our mechanics and ingredients ready to be used, we could at last focus on building an alpha build for our level (a school requirement, due in just under 3 days from now).

Those who read our first devlog may remember that 1/3 of the level design was completed (in other words, one Unity Scene out of three). So while we moved on to design of Scene 2, we also started building Scene 1 for the alpha and laying down the content of the first narrative events in it, including tutorials.

The first skeleton of the Scene is not sexy work and requires a lot of micro-adjustments to make everything work. It also needs to be kept as close as possible to the original design, while keeping in mind the future position of foreground and background objects. Here's the result for the intro of Scene 1 at this early stage (after some modifications on the bridge design):














We'll dive into some details about narrative events and art assets in future devlogs, but for now let's close this one with a short overview of this week's progress:

  • Narrative system is in and working, with 2 different types of narrative events

  • Alpha UI for both narrative events (conversations and "Flow" events)

  • Scene 1 entirely built, Scene 2 entirely designed

  • Lots of 3d art assets modeled with no textures, usable for alpha and test gyms:

    • Floors, walls, sand slopes, ledges, columns, giant eggs, etc.

  • All enemy types are implemented, including the level boss

  • Reached 168 followers on Twitter... thank you people!

  • Half of character illustrations fo dialogues are done

Work-in-progress on our demo level's boss enemy.